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Large public works projects and new construction projects benefit from bedrock location. Earthview Technology will provide information about the type of rock, rock formations and soil formations, accurate subsurface depth, and information about the forces that likely shaped them to help you determine the best direction to take with your new build or civil engineering project.

Our GPR service include, but are not limited by, the following:
  • Concrete Analysis
  • Mapping
  • Utility Locating
  • Leak Detection

If you need a 3D assessment for structural integrity or structure damage, a GPR Concrete Scan is the best place to start. Earthview Technology will present high-resolution data to help identify structural issues like concrete degradation, deterioration, and damage. If additional analysis is in order, we can direct the best area for your engineers to conduct chloride and ion concentration testing or pinpoint the best location for extracting core samples. We can locate and identify:

  • Wall or Slab Thickness
  • Concrete Sparling
  • Reinforcing
  • Cracking
  • Voids
  • Asphalt Layer Thickness

For the most accurate data, trust the high-resolution GPR analysis capabilities of Earthview Technology. For professional concrete scanning  reach out or give us a call today for your no-cost estimate.

Engineering applications include nondestructive testing (NDT) of structures and pavements, locating buried structures and utility lines, and studying soils and bedrock. In environmental remediation, GPR is used to define landfills, contaminant plumes, and other remediation sites, while in archaeology it is used for mapping archaeological features and cemeteries. GPR is used in law enforcement for locating clandestine graves and buried evidence. Military uses include detection of mines, unexploded ordnance, and tunnels.

When you have a clear picture of what is underground before you dig, install, or build is essential to ensure your project can move forward without encountering potential hazards like utility strikes. Earthview Technology will help detect, identify, and map all types of underground utilities. Let us help you mitigate potential risks with our accurate, intuitive GPR utility locating services.


Our incredible electromagnetic transmitter is used to physically hook onto utilities locating wire or directly, using radio detection (RD) to accurately pinpoint the following active or abandoned lines with incredible accuracy.

Ground penetrating radar (GPR) has developed lately as an effective leak detection technique in water distribution systems (WDS). Using electromagnetic waves, GPR identifies leak locations through detecting water circulation from leaks causing voids or anomalies in pipe depth caused by changes of dielectric constant of surrounding soil.

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